Akarra X2

Welcome to Akarra X2!
This Akarra shard has been further developed from the AkarraXP shard hosted in Fall 2015, which was based on Akarrian Expansion, developed by 'Apocalypse', ultimately based on Whispers in Akarra, by Jens 'Khaile' Bergensten.

What's new in this shard?

  • This version of Akarra was released to allow old fans and new players alike to play and explore the world of Akarra on a stable 24/7 server
  • All monsters grant 2x the experience points, to provide for a more fast paced experience for players who have gone through the grind dozens of times, as well as encourage more creativity in character builds and endgame playstyles
  • New Zatra's Basement leveling area located directly west of Hope
  • Fighter weapons have been buffed (more damage, lower attack speed) and all Fighters can now use War Stomp to compensate for powerful mage AOEs
  • Many skills have been rebalanced, and rebalancing is a work in progress
  • Dexter and Limus now provide teleports to Joy (as the sector north of Hope's is currently broken and there's no other way to reach Joy)

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